Who we are

INERPS is a software company with long-standing experience in the field of innovation, information technology development, software development and software products.

The company is specialized in the field of software for automation and optimization of tracking, reporting and management of processes, assets and resources.

Our activity is aimed at providing specialized solutions for the control and management of companies with specialized equipment in various sectors (road construction, port infrastructure).The goal is to achieve better corporate results and make timely management decisions.

Control of your business 100%
Cost reduction 40%
Increasing productivity 50%

ERP business intelligence system



Monitoring of the technical state of a vehicle, tracks the service periodicity.


The module provides the possibility to keep an electronic file for each machine/ vehicle.


The module provides the possibility to keep an electronic document for each employee.


Allows the technical manager, dispatcher, client addresses to be assigned.


Provides the possibility of administration of tariffs (prices) per working hour, ton / km, km etc.

Road List

Allows information from the primary documents of Autotransport to be filled in.



Automation of gas stations or mobile fuel tanks.


Allows automatic gathering of information from electronic scales and the measurements made by them.


It enables keeping track on different materials,their prices,import/export events with loading/unloading points and more.

AI operator

Allows you to generate reporting documents ( roadlists / bill of lading / daily reports )

Your module

Custom module for your needs and preferences.

At your service

Business Platform

INERPS VIP Premium is cloud-base platform which is available at 100% of the time for our customers.
We invest a lot in the most modern trends and technologies in the market so our customers can get a quality, fast and secure service.

VIP Solutions

This is a methodology for personalized integration of our services to each client depending on the specifics of the work being done.
Your business is you. Model it as you wish

Digital Partner

After implementation and customization of our system according to your needs, the real work begins. Our specialists will constantly keep in touch with you so that together we can build the perfect digital partner for your business.


Complete transformation and optimization of your business activities.
Paper documents are replaced with automatically generated documents with high accuracy.
Use the full capacity of your staff by intended.

Even more services

Business analyzes

Advanced analysis of workflow performance. Assessment of resource efficiency using.


Building a worк process optimization strategy.


Professional training courses for CEO assistant

Gain money by not waste time and resources.

Work always must be completed at 100%.
The question is when?
Work Delay with 0%
Work Delay with 10%
Work Delay with 20%
Work Delay with 30%

Shared your problems and we will help.

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Before to integrating the INERPS "BI Systems", we had a problem with the good organization and proper distribution of the company resources.
We spent a lot of money renting a equipment, which we used only to 20%.

Ivan Petrov

The system has helped us to reduce a  diesel fuel consumption by 40%.
Now we can calculate the costs and profits in real time with with high precision.

Alexander Arnuldov
Technical manager