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The module Manager gives the opportunity for management and evaluation of performance efficiency of the site. On the basis of the invested resources for fleet and mechanization, personnel, materials, the engagement of own and leased assets for a certain period of time, graphic analyzes of the project’s profitability are made according to the deadlines set.

At execution time “x” => (we have) total cost (value of the resource) “y” => profit rate deter- mined by the investor.
At execution time “ х-n” => total cost “y-m” => Increased profit from given costs made for the relevant period.At execution time “ х+n” => total cost “y+m” => Decreased profit from costs made for the overdue period = overhead expenses Where: X – time for work completion in days set from the investor at an estimated profit rate ( At “x”, the percentage of profit is set when calculating the total work done according to the rate of costs for a type of activity) y- total cost for 100% work done n – a certain number of days m – certain cost value Y/30 = costs for 1 day.


The Site Management module enables a site to be evaluated – financial value, committed resource per site, implementation deadline. Site administration enables the allocation of available and occupied assets by sites in the company in order to increase efficiency.


Automatically stops and starts access cards and manages physical processes. It allows customers to send electronic queries for performing a service, processing and tracking of the work process for a query by technical means. The entire process has two levels: requesting and approving. The system automatically closes an agreement, a request for the quantity shipped, this information comes from the technical means of scales.


It enables keeping track on the inventory in stock with functions of stock loading.
Link between Storage module and module Road List/Time list. The assigned consumables are displayed in the vehicle’s reporting document of the day.
Possibility to generate reports on availability at the time being and the distribution of materials on purpose.