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Determining the profitability of the assets used in the enterprises based on the costs incurred for the asset and the revenue generated for it.


The information collected by integrating additional systems is used for automation of administrative processes, optimization of operational activities and analysis.


The system receives data from the GPS and flowmeters installed on machines / vehicles. The creation of this connection allows for automatic input of the data reported by the devices in the report- ing documents: GPS – km, km in urban conditions, km in extra urban conditions, time of movement and outage, real working hours in different modes of operation machines. Flow Meter – Actual measured fuel consumption. Appropriate for entering a road list and daily report.


Automation of gas stations or mobile fuel tanks.

Enables the administration of different fuel sources (fuel tanks and / or external gas stations). For each fuel source, capacity can be determined and input and output quantities can be entered. Each charging load on an asset is automatically filled in when a primary document for that asset is made and the corresponding date.


Allows the connection with the electronic scales used by the company and the measument made by them. This allows automatic entry of the data in the bill of lading: Load, weight, route from, route to. Allows different reports about the movement of the materials through the scales systems to be made.



Provides the ability to use access control cards to identify the driver, allowing you to control the actual time worked by each driver and the corresponding use of this time in reporting documents.