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Determining the profitability of the assets used in the enterprises based on the costs incurred for the asset and the revenue generated for it.


Allows monitoring of all service and repair work.
Automatic service alerts for out-of-service tires, oil, etc.
Ability to report on the basis of introduced service protocols (types of repairs, repair value, mechanic or repairer, repair time, etc.)
Automatic notification of start and end of repairs.


The module enables entering detailed information of insurance policies (maturity date, insurance company, insurance value etc.) for all kinds of vehicle insurances.
Automatic notifications of the expiration of the period of insurance.
Ability to generate reports of different kind of insurances.


It allows description of damages and their addition to the insurance policies.Keeps record of the descriptions of the damage done to the vehicles. Ability to add
attachment and photos.




Provides the ability to maintain a lease plan and payment installments for each asset.
Module Contract- Provides the ability to keep track on the rented and leased assets, terms and rates of rents, and more. Information about con- tract date, start and end date of rent, price, etc. is filled in.


Provides the ability to keep track of pledge con- tracts, duration of the pledge. Contains information about bank, number of contract, start and end date.